Welcome to St. Anne’s Middle School!

We pride ourselves on each and every aspect of our middle school life. We know it is the time in a young person's life when they want to become more independent by taking charge of their learning. During these middle school years, we help foster the child's ability to become a self-advocate. This life skill will build self-confidence as they continue to grow and mature.

As an Episcopal School, St. Anne’s is committed to living our school’s mission. We strive to enhance the intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, and artistic growth of our students. Evidence of the importance of our mission can be experienced when you step through the red doors, in the classroom, advisory, assemblies, and on the playing fields.

St. Anne’s is a place where fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students begin to see themselves as independent learners. This shift is developmentally appropriate and sets the stage for success in high school. In addition to the core subjects (math, science, social studies and language arts) our students study Spanish and the Arts. The study of Spanish is also an integral part of the core curriculum; it allows students to acquire another language which is a skill that is becoming more important in our 21st century  globally connected lives.

Our middle school teachers know just how to present their lessons to spark the interest of their students. Together, teachers and students explore our rich academic program to prepare them to successfully take their place in any high school they choose. And we are proud to say that our graduates report to us that they are well prepared – regardless of the type of high school they chose!


Teaching Tolerance

NAIS Diversity & Inclusion Resources

(National Association of Independent Schools)

After returning home from the St. Anne's Middle School trip to Puerto Rico, St. Anne's students decided to raise money for the residents of Hogar San Miguel.
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Kudos to Jay who won the Scholastic's Storyworks writing contest in Spring 2017.
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