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7th Graders' Non-Objective Art
Posted 02/02/2018 12:11PM

In their most recent assignment,  seventh graders were challenged to create a "Non-Objective" sculpture in Art Class.   Also known as concrete art or geometric abstraction, "Non-Objective" describes any type of abstract art that is wholly devoid of any reference to the natural world. This category of non-representational painting and sculpture typically uses geometrical imagery, which is one of the few sources of non-naturalistic motifs. 

This assignment was a very difficult concept for many students who tend to gravitate towards more representational and realistic visual goals in their personal work.  Each student was given a specific amount of materials, glue, scissors and a ruler from which they could create a free-standing sculpture that could not be more than 18" high.

There was a very large emphasis on craftsmanship during the assembly process. As the pieces were assembled students were challenged to hold the individual components together with either glue - which needed to be invisible to the viewer - or with an interlocking system for their pieces. Students also were required to create a title for their pieces, again keeping in mind the non-objective concept of the project.

Art requires many of the "Top 10" in-demand skills identified in the media, and this assignment was no exception.  Students used complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, judgment and decision-making skills to complete this task, and our faculty voted on their finished sculptures, keeping in mind the requirements of the assignment.  

The winner was "Fragmental Elements Through Time" by Tighe Horne and our runner up was "Transformation" by Ryan Vitola.  Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work!

-Charlotte Howard 

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