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Stratospheric Second Grade Solar System Shows!
Posted 02/23/2018 01:55PM
Ms. Russell's 2nd Grade Solar System Presentation

Ms. Russell's 2nd Grade Solar System Presentation February 13, 2018

The Second Grade Solar System Show is one of many milestones of the St. Anne's experience; Ms. Russell's class gave us a performance to remember on February 13th, and Mrs. Bell's class's performance this past week was equally spectacular. 

Students in both classes spent weeks learning about space and researching their chosen topic (planets, astronauts, and celestial objects of interest), making handmade costumes at home, creating and polishing a first-person script, and practicing public speaking. 

When the day of the show arrives, as many classes as possible gather in the gym to watch.  Each second grader becomes their planet, person, or object as they confidently stride to the microphone with their self-selected theme music playing, then deliver their prepared scripts.  The students work as a team and support each other, each listening attentively to his or her successor, then taking their positions to show us the solar system in orbit.  It is a big deal to present to so many parents, friends, teachers, and schoolmates, and they did it very well! 

In addition to learning about their subject, this is also an opportunity to develop many related skills, such as persistence in locating information, the importance of checking facts with multiple sources, reading informational texts, the writing process, coordinating with others, and speaking confidently in public.  

Mrs. Bell's 2nd Grade Solar System Presentation 2018

Mrs. Bell's 2nd Grade Class - Solar System Presentation February 21, 2018

Students had this to say about the experience:

"I liked acting like my planet and speaking like a part of the solar system."

"I liked making the costume on my own."

"I liked looking up and speaking in front of an audience."

"I learned I can stand in front of an audience and not be scared.  I can be confident in myself."

"I know that I can trust God that I can do it."  

"I learned that I am brave and independent."

Many parents reported that they, too, learned a lot about the solar system through the project and enjoyed the home-school connection with learning.  We are so grateful to parents, friends, and caregivers for supporting our students and coming to cheer them on.  Thank you also to Ms. Russell, Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Bell, and Mrs. Tolton for your vision, guidance, and encouragement in bringing this project life!   

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