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100th Day of School at St. Anne's
Posted 02/23/2018 01:45PM

February 21st was our 100th day of school; our youngest learners celebrated the big day in many ways!

Preschool 100th Day of School

Some of the activities in Preschool included estimating, putting together a 100 piece puzzle and donning the special "100" tee shirts each student had decorated with 100 of their favorite things!

Pre-K Swift and McKelvey 100th Day of School

In PreKindergarten, students practiced counting to 100, guessed from classmates' clues what the 100 "somethings" were that each had brought to class, and predicted how much 100 drops of their blue liquid would be.  Naturally, their table top activities involved working with sets of 100 manipulatives. 


Kindergarten 100 Day of School

Kindergarten used tens and ones to determine where to place the number each was given in a 100 number grid, sported their 100th day hats, and had fun counting out the 100 items each had brought in using the handy 10-frames often used in math class.

Mrs. Liguori 100th Day of School

Meanwhile in First Grade, Mrs. Liguori's class was busy measuring, weighing, estimating, creating, and counting in groups of ten to reach 100.  Mrs. Meier's class had fun using a digital aging simulator to imagine how they will look in 100 years.  For an afternoon writing assignment students were invited to describe what they would like to be doing in 100 years.  

So many ways to celebrate being 100 days smarter!  


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