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Students Reflect on the Possibilities
Posted 05/18/2018 10:49AM

St. Anne's Investment in the new Middle Schoool Music Room will be made possible by the Open Hearts, Open Minds Capital Campaign, with your help.  We are investing in our teachers, in new tools, spaces, and approaches to learning, increased after-school programming, and in our endowment and financial aid.  Our goal is to raise $2.3 million dollars by June 30th and we are already 86% of the way there!  Help us ensure continued excellence at St. Anne's with your pledge, which may be paid out over five years.  Thank you.  

Our Middle School students are excited about the possibilities of a new music room.
Here are some of their thoughts ...

Tristan Kalloo
St. Anne's has brought out my love for music. Not only playing an instrument but appreciating music as a whole. I knew that playing an instrument challenged the mind, but I never fully understood the work that people put into their musical instruments until I was tasked with a very hard decision: picking my instrument. In the beginning, all I wanted to play was the drums. However, I have neighbors that are connected to both my houses, so, "no" to the drums. In the end, I ended up with the violin. I'd say the violin is the best musical instrument ever, and with the guidance of Mr. Ryan, I have excelled. But, when we all gather in the music room to practice, it gets a little tight. This really hinders my ability to focus.  The new music room will be bigger, allowing us to gather to practice and I am sure it will help us all excel in our respectable musical instruments.

Farah El-Jazzar
Although just being moved to a different space may seem like too minor of a change, this new area of learning can boost my musical knowledge to empower me to play, compose, and learn the art of music to my full potential.  This new music room symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start ... another chapter in my journey as a student.

Christopher Onsomu
I am excited about the new music room because I will have more space to do my magic!

Emelie Cummins
I am excited for the new music room because there will be much more space to practice in. Also, it would be a change of scenery in the middle school hallway. Students can walk into the music room as if it was any classroom and still use it for practicing our concert music. 

Cyrus Meier
I am excited about the new music room. Last year I played guitar and when we got together, especially when other instruments played with us, it got really cramped. One or two times it snowed and we had to go outside and hike in the cold to the music box. Also, it was called the Music Box. A box is not a room. This music room will help my friends become better musicians because they will be able to hear each other more easily and learn from mistakes they hear. I hope that the new music room will be a help to more than just the instrumentalists. Thank You!

Brianna Ditty
The new music room will help me reach my potential as a musician because there will be more room to have a wider range of instruments.  I am excited about having a new music room at St Anne's because my peers and I will not have to walk through snow and rain to get to class, and I will be able to practice with a bigger variety of instruments.

Ruhan Patel
The new music room will help me reach my potential as a musician because there will be more space which can also mean more instruments. With more instruments, there will be a wide variety for one to choose. Some may say it is critical for a musician to know how to play more than one instrument, especially if you learn from a young age. 

Olivia DeLuca
The new music room will help me reach my full potential as a musician.  Having a safe place where tranquil music is played is vital. Children need a space to grow and develop a skill for something that they are passionate about.

Andrew Tiberi
The new music room will help me with learning the drum set. It will help me get better and improve more.  I am excited for the new music room because it is going to be very cool and also somewhere to explore.  I think it will be good for St. Anne's because it will make the school look even better.

Naima Ellis-Daniels
I can improve my learning skills and have a chance to play other musical instruments. Playing other instruments will help me improve my concentration.

Gabe Stryker
The new music room will help me reach my potential as a musician because the acoustics in this new music room will spread harmoniously because the sound-proof walls will make the exquisite music that the St. Anne's students convey sound even more exceptional.

Jordan Myrick
Most musicians practice in large rooms surrounded by all types of music and equipment.  I doubt they practice in bulky yellow trailers separate from the rest of the building.  I believe that we as students need more room to practice.  During instrumental rehearsal, we never have enough chairs for people to sit in or stands for music.  With the new music room, there will be more space for people to practice.

Cole Massey
I am excited because people can come and hear our music more easily

Emi Goetz
The new music room will help me reach my potential as a musician because nobody will trip over instruments or cords. I play the keyboard but it is hard to hear myself play when everyone else is playing their instruments at the same time. 

Jaide Fisher
I'm very excited for this new music space because I really want us as a group to be in a better space together and happier!  This space is also easier because it is even easier to carry your violin. Another reason is that it is better as a school for us to be closer together. My last reason is it would be easier for us to have to talk to Mr. Ryan about maybe missing practice and also for his advisory.

Gibson Hurtt
I am excited about having a new music room at St. Anne's because I will not have to walk through the snow, rain, or any other weather to get to orchestra practice. It will allow students to try new instruments and improve their skills in a more qualified and overall better area. The new music room will be a great addition to St. Anne's and a necessary improvement to the music program. 

Margaret Randolph
The new music room will help me reach my potential as a musician because it will have more space for more instruments, allowing for a more diverse selection of instruments.  It will encourage students to join the orchestra and to develop a passion for music.

Corey Smallwood
I play the bass and the new room will give us more space. That will increase my potential as a musician because I will not have to worry about hitting people with my instrument and can worry just about what I am playing.


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