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* Investing in Faculty Professional Development
Posted 05/25/2018 11:15AM

I felt transformed by my training experience and am grateful 
St. Anne's offered me this opportunity.

St. Anne's teachers are the heart and soul of our school.  These dedicated men and women are passionate about their profession and the children in their care.  They are also lifelong learners who model this critical life skill as they strive to improve their craft.    

What do scholarship and academic excellence look like in the digital age?  Our faculty recognizes that the world is changing rapidly and that educational excellence at St. Anne's depends upon profound changes in our classrooms.  A scarcity of information, knowledge, and teachers no longer exists; we must equip our children with the skills and compassion they will need in an era when a question can be answered the moment it is asked.    

The Open Hearts Open Minds campaign commitment to invest in our faculty is already making a difference.  Our teachers tell us that their recent professional development has... 

"...affected my whole understanding of how children learn mathematics.  I have used new lessons, materials, and lines of questioning to make the children more involved and accountable." - Kari Kalloo

"...made me more aware of giving all of my students more time to be heard during class time and more time to be reflective/introspective so that they can better process their feelings." - Cristina Bromley

"...given me increased confidence in speaking up on issues of diversity and inclusion." - Amy Shepherd

"...been a great support to developing a foundation for our new computer science curriculum." - Amy Beth Sherman

Some faculty return from their professional development experiences "transformed," "on cloud nine," and "more confident and resolved than I ever was before."  Yet there is so much more we want to do.  Our teachers suggest:

"Helping students and teachers map out ideas visually and verbally and then setting a visual plan together for completion of the goal." - Charlotte Howard 

"Promoting a unified belief in sharing our struggles and failures to model a growth mindset." - Denise Russell

"Really letting the students control the learning while we question them to the end.  Less giving of information, more exploration, more engineering.  Integrating more technology into our classes." - Kerry Wilson

"I'd like to be more versed in digital literacy and how to integrate it across the curriculum.   How can we use digital literacy, not necessarily in the obvious core subjects?"  - Jocelyn Sanders

"I'm always interested in topics of brain science and education, as well as building resilience in students. I am also interested in learning about how to give effective feedback."  - Mabel Lee

"I'm excited to learn more about how I can use Google Earth Virtual Field Trips to connect literature and geography."  -Shannon Cameron

Faculty professional development is well recognized as a major driver of faculty excellence.  Advancing our teachers' professional growth will give them the tools they need to bring 21st-century learning initiatives, innovation, and best practices to our classrooms. 

Investment in our faculty's professional growth is made possible by the Open Hearts, Open Minds Capital Campaign, with your help.  We are investing in our teachers, in new tools, spaces, and approaches to learning, increased after-school programming, and in our endowment and financial aid.  Our goal is to raise $2.3 million dollars by June 30th and we are already 86% of the way there!  Help us ensure continued excellence at St. Anne's with your pledge, which may be paid out over five years.  Thank you.


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