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Superkids: Literacy in the First Grade is Both Energizing & Effective
Posted 05/31/2018 03:53PM

This article concludes our series about the introduction of Superkids this year.

St. Anne's first grade students have made great strides in their reading this year due in part to the introduction of Superkids, a research-based, core literacy curriculum, which seamlessly integrates reading, spelling, handwriting, grammar, listening, and speaking into an engaging learning experience.   Finding a new approach to teaching early literacy was a need identified by our faculty; our investment in Superkids was made possible by our Open Hearts, Open Minds Capital Campaign.

As the end of the school year approaches, teachers are seeing the direct impact the program has had on our young readers.  All students in First Grade are able to read and successfully apply comprehension strategies.  Additionally, fewer students required intensive support in the last two months of school.  During their self-assessments, most students reported that they are "really good at reading" and "know lots of words now."  They feel connected to the program that has made reading FUN!

First graders participate in a daily warm-up which includes writing a dictated sentence that requires students to practice spelling, capitalization and punctuation skills.

Our teachers have found these new program tools energizing and effective.  Below they share some reflections about the program:

 I like the way the stories connect.  One story leads to the next, and each contains the phonics and memory skills we are working on.  I can focus more on my students' individual learning needs because I don't have to spend time searching, picking, and pulling to find the right resources for them.

- Tara Liguori

Students especially enjoy the Super-Duper magazines which are full of interesting facts and colorful photos on nonfiction topics.

The students were able to identify with the Superkids right from the beginning, often making personal connections to them based on their hobbies, unique features and personalities.  This has aided in their interest and focus on the lessons that are taught, and has helped create a sense of intrigue and wonder about the Superkids, often leaving them asking for more.  I share my students' excitement for what each lesson has to offer,  and although the program does offer a refreshingly predictable scope and sequence, it is constantly manifesting itself in fun new ways with each subsequent lesson.

- Ashley Hartshorn

Students look for spelling patterns and sort words accordingly.

I love the many hands-on opportunities for student learning.  The varied experience keeps students motivated and engaged in reading and writing instruction.  The children find success at their individual levels and are appropriately supported and challenged as they move through the curriculum.

- Lisa Bloomfield

Students are engaged in all facets of literacy instruction including read-aloud, story discussion, response writing and silent reading.

The Superkids program really keeps the students engaged.  It is so well rounded; it has all the pieces.  Higher level readers can move faster, and the curriculum provides support for children who need it.  

- Melissa Meier

 After reading the story "The Very Best Gift,"  they revealed hidden words in a sentence that were important details in the story.  The students then used these details to match a picture to the sentence.  The children are always excited when they get to be "detectives" and make discoveries on their own.  Their "aha" moments are what make teaching reading so rewarding for me.

- Susan Scott

Learn more about Superkids at St. Anne's

St. Anne's Investment in Superkids is made possible by the Open Hearts, Open Minds Capital Campaign.  We are investing in our teachers, in new tools, spaces, and approaches to learning, increased after school programming, and in our endowment and financial aid.  Our goal is to raise $2.3 million dollars by June 30th and we are already 86% of the way there!  Help us ensure continued excellence at St. Anne's with your pledge, which may be paid out over five years.  Thank you.  

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