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Meet the Fourth Grade Robots!
Posted 06/07/2018 03:18AM

For a true STEAM project (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), our fourth graders are proud to share their robots with our school community as the year comes to a close.  Having learned how to use hummingbird (or electrical) components and how to program using "SNAP!," a block-based programming language similar to Scratch, they created their robot bodies in Art Class.  Students brought all the parts together in STEM as they were challenged with various problems in their design along the way.  This year, their robot work went further than in previous years as they tied them back into their studies.  

We are pleased to introduce: Bella, Malcolm, Phoenix, Honey Potter, Blue Morpho Maddie and Monarch Molly, Dart the Demodog, and Hummingbird Spectacular 2.0!   


Robot Name: Bella

Our robot is programmed to eat grass with a servo motor. Bella has a distance sensor.  The distance sensor lights its eyes up, blue and red. The vibration motor goes off when its eyes are red.   Also, the grass lights up green. 



Robot Name: Malcolm

Malcolm is programmed to move and wag his tail.  His ears also light up.


Robot Name:  Phoenix

Our robot growls and its tail wags. Also, Its eyes light up.



Robot Name:  Honey Potter

Our robot is programmed to make the bee turn around with a rotary knob and to light up the flowers with a light sensor.  The center is constantly changing colors.


honeypotter_trailer from St. Anne's Episcopal School on Vimeo.


Robot Name:  Blue Morpho Maddie and Monarch Molly

Monarch Molly's wings flap while Maddie and the grass light up with L.E.D 's. 


The making of Molly and Maddie_trailer from St. Anne's Episcopal School on Vimeo.


Robot Name: Hummingbird Spectacular 2.0

Our robot is programmed to have a buzzing sound.  It blinks its eyes when you put your hand over the motion sensor. Our robot also spins its wings and the flower is programmed to display rainbow colors. 


Robot Name: Dart the Demodog

Our robot lights up with a motion sensor and a joystick makes it move.  

Dart The Demodog trailer from St. Anne's Episcopal School on Vimeo.





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