The Arts at St. Anne's

When you visit St. Anne’s, one of your first impressions will likely be the students’ art. Or perhaps an eager friend will invite you to hear the orchestra at the Christmas concert, the singing during chapel, or the poetry slam. It is hard to miss our arts program; it is integral to our school.

St. Anne’s commitment to arts education is based on extensive research documenting the positive relationship between arts study and overall academic achievement. Researchers also find positive correlations between arts education and cognitive development (creative and critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning), personal development (for example, engagement, persistence and self-confidence), and social and civic outcomes (such as community building, communication, and cross cultural understanding).

The St. Anne’s curriculum teaches the arts consistently across all grades, beginning in preschool. The benefit of our commitment to arts education extends well beyond the outcomes mentioned previously. Our arts program is integral to our community and serves as a visual and audible inspiration inside and outside of the classroom. And our students love it!

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43% of our faculty have loyally served St. Anne’s for ten years or more.

41% of our faculty hold Master’s degrees.

211 Silver Lake Rd, Middletown, DE 19709
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